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WOT English
Joined: 2nd Oct 2014
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6th Dec 2014

I believe there was a bit of a misunderstanding last night which lead to some friction between clan members. Although I don't know the whole story, I believe the issue was over skirmish availability, spamming invites and platoon only members.

I'll refrain from using names but so this doesn't happen again can all members be considerate to each other and respect each others wishes. If people want to do platoon only then let them be. Please don't persecute them for it. After all we are a after work 'FUN' clan.

The current system for organising a skirmish isn't great but Helmuston usually posts an inquiry on the WoT comms box asking skirmshers to respond with a + if they wish to play. That way we don't have to keep spamming invites to members who don't want to participate. Alternatively if someone has a better system of organising skirmishes then please post. 

P.S. can the admin change this forum to english english rather than american english - I like to put a u in colour with without having a red line under it!
Joined: 16th Nov 2014
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6th Dec 2014

I`ll keep this simple, especially as I just lost a larger post by clicking the wrong reply button

We can only do skirmish as a planned event at this time. This is because....

1. We don't have enough players.

We do have quite a few people who will skirmish sometimes. However, as soon as they want to take a rest, there are not enough people to make up the 6 man team. This results in them getting spammed with invites and feeling they are being punished for taking a break. When we have more people, then it will allow casual skirmish and people will feel less pressure to attend. Skirmish should be fun, not a job.

2. We don't have the basic requirements for taking part.

Skirmish needs teamspeak. At the very basic level this means using it and listening, but really it should mean using a headset and speaking back. Skirmish is semi-competitive and we can expect the enemy to be using these things, so we must do it too. Some people who would do skirmish are discouraged because they know we are not using teamspeak well, if at all.

3. We are relying on new players, who don't have a good tank choice.

I should know, because I am one of those players, who is working constantly to get a range of tier 6 tanks. I, like some others, am keen to skirmish sometimes, but there is pressure for us to play when really we should be working on unlocking tanks. People are taking part in tier 5 tanks, for example and that is a very bad sign. Hopefully, larger clan numbers can cure this, but special protection and support should be given to new members to help them get the right tanks and to feel that they have time to grind xp.

4. Nobody likes to lose against unfair odds.

Skirmish puts us up against professional teams, some of which even use gold ammo. Skirmish is hard and often the losses will be total. This can be very discouraging for players taking part as it feels bad and gives them no xp rewards. At its worst it can ruin a whole night, setting players back from unlocking tanks they need,. This is one of the reasons that new players should be given the freedom to avoid skirmish invitations. As it stands, with our poor tank choices, lack of teamspeak and low skill level, we are asking to die and that is not going to make people want to take part.

How do planned events fix these problems?

Planning the events, say by having a dedicated skirmish night, means that the pressure to attend is less keenly felt. It allows time for players to grind and means that people can make arrangements so that they are free to take part if they wish to get involved. Planning should also involve setting out how many skirmish matches are to be played. This way, if there are 5 losses, an end can be called naturally. Also, if means people can take part and know when the end will come so that they can freely leave to do other things. Simple arranging 5 skirmish matches on one day a week should be achievable with the numbers we have now and should allow us to call it off if numbers are not good, or to arrange a better night.

I also propose that we use this forum to build a skirmish team and plan basic strategy. This way we can suggest the tanks that are needed and help people plan their XP and tech tree grinding. I, for example, am working on getting the T150, which is because we needed a heavy slot with good armour to defend our base. I am also working on a scout tank, as we were trying some strategies using a single scout. Some tanks just don't work in skirmish and some strategies need several of one type. Lets talk about this here and that will promote interest and help us be successful.

Skirmish isn't a bad thing, but as it stands, we need to make some positive changes for it to be fun for everyone.
Joined: 19th Sep 2014
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6th Dec 2014

Information: please forgive me about my bad english. Schooltime is long ago. :-)

I support the meaning and the arguments of Silvercat. I am even not a very good player, but I have fun in playing with you guys.
If we can plan fixed times to play skirmish we all will have lower stress in becomming a complete team for it.
The doing with the " + " is a propable way to get a team, I think. - For the moment the best way.
Because I am in doubt that enough AWF-members will look here at the AWF-page for more informations.

I like skirmish - and I like it especially with you guys - equal if we loose or if we win (last is better :-) ).
And I know that TS is essential for a successful game. - But I am here at AWF because there is no "must do this and that".

Shall I don´t drive skirmish with you, because I just listening in TS (mostly I talk some short messages)? My RL has to be at position 1 in my life, because it´s no game. There it´s important that all things and happenings work properly. (You know what I mean, I think.)

I am not angry now - don´t think that, please.
Maybe my bad english makes you thinking so. - Don´t do it. ;-)

Sometimes the force is with me - sometimes not. :-)

Joined: 13th Aug 2014
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6th Dec 2014

I don't know what happened or what type of discussion went on last night but I think everything said so far in this thread points out that we need to set up and clarify the goal for the clan and for each and every individual.
Have fun!

  • Help each other getting better/winning - winning is FUN
  • Help the clan in winning - winning is FUN
  • Building a community.
  • feel free to add goals...
  • ...

First and foremost AWF is like Hothy is pointing a "FUN" clan and we need to respect each other and each other availability for platoon or team battle. I also agree with what Silvercat18 wrote in his post.

My proposal we all should/could agree on is...

We need to respect players "flying" solo.
Could be for any reason like RL and or testing some setups, new tanks, whatever.

We need to respect players only doing platoon.
Platooning helps players to pimp their tank, get enough XP and credit for the next tank. Learn to play different tank types and learn the maps.-> getting the crew and the tanks they need for team battles.

We need to respect players sending invites to platoon or skirmish.
Some of us like to platoon up and or fighting in team battles like skirmishes. To do that we need to ask in chat or TS.A working method for doing that could be to send out a general message likeplatoon + looking for platoon, answer +skirmish + looking for skirmish, answer +

Using Teamspeak
Platooning and team battles without TS is according to me very insufficient.I recommend the use of TS for every platoon and team battle. Respect also that not everyone is able to use voice comms and just be listening when on TS. Remember and respect also that not everyone can use TS all the time.

Planning ahead
We can use the websites event system to set up certain times where we want to do skirmish/team battles.Is this something you would like?Another method i recommend is to use the "member availability" function of the website.

These are only some thoughts and ideas I have and I'm sure that you all can add some ideas and or comments to this... every input and feedback is welcome.

Last Edit: 7th Dec 2014 by Hugin69
Joined: 19th Oct 2014
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29th Dec 2014

Invites come and go and doesn't effect peoples gaming.
It does not effect platoons or gameplay in anyway so sending the entire clan invites each time is fine.
A good clan member will give everyone the chance to join the battle.
If you don't like people inviting you just ignore it or leave everyone does it because most of the time they only need 1 extra person and if that person is in a battle when the invite goes out they may not see it.
I respect people playing platoons and don't have a problem with that.
I just hate seeing people complaining all the time in chat.
Joined: 14th Aug 2014
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29th Dec 2014

hi tomto,

as suggested by Hugin69 above:
We need to respect players sending invites to platoon or skirmish.
Some of us like to platoon up and or fighting in team battles like skirmishes. To do that we need to ask in chat or TS.A working method for doing that could be to send out a general message likeplatoon + looking for platoon, answer +skirmish + looking for skirmish, answer +

and in addition posted on the Newsletter:

•Fixed times to run team battles. Times need to be agreed on and can be set up on the website (EVENT)
e.g. Strongholds on Monday and Wednesday 9pm GMT. <- YOUR INPUT IS NEEDED HERE!Members sign up in advance if they want to participate, other members can ofc join by asking in chat or joining ingame via STRONGHOLD->SKIRMISH->JOIN DETACHMENTTeamspeak should be used even only for listening!

•Proper way to ask for Platoon or SKIRMISH via ingame chat
platoon+ or skirmish+ thus indicating that you want to start or join a platoon/detachment.

Read more: http://www.afterworkfun.c ... /37872#ixzz3NJsKpo00

I would be glad if you could set up an Event (skirmish) on our Website. Everyone who want´s to join can sign up, this will guaranty that there are enough members to play this game mode. There is no need to get annoyed because of a game mode.

Joined: 30th Dec 2014
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30th Dec 2014

Which timezone does the player availibility use?
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