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Joined: 26th Feb 2016
Rank: Private
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12th Apr 2016

In case you might find a modicum of interest in this; if you didn't know, I love music and am an amateur composer since I was 12. I was a beta tester for FL-studio for 5 years and also for steinberg for a couple of years.

The artists and genres I like are many, suffice to say, my music collection is 29k tracks long, takes up many hundreds of gigabytes and features classic rock, prog rock, alternative rock, classical, neo-classical, electronic, ambient, space ambient, dance, trance,  techno, reggae, funk, deep funk, mainstream pop, metal, jazz, OST, soul, R & B, electro and quite a few more.

And the odd thing is that I compose in quite a few. If you like music and want to hear what XOR42 does you can check me out at  soundcloud.

Like prog rock? have a go at "42 (2010 reprise)"

Like orchestral/film score? have a go at "Film score V"

Like dramatic rock fusion? have a go at "Valkyrie"

Like chill out? have a go at "The sunflower enigma" or "Pebble"

Like electronica? have a go at "Emanations II"

Like progressive space-y dance? have a go at "Protomatter" or "Soundscapes parts I and II"


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Joined: 1st Mar 2016
Rank: Private
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15th Apr 2016

Ruddy well done, have listened to all of your music posted, and enjoyed it all. And I'm generally not an electronica fan.
Joined: 13th Aug 2014
Rank: Colonel
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15th Apr 2016

Nice work... good variation... keep doing that

Joined: 4th Jan 2016
Rank: Private
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28th Apr 2016

Nice music you have there I enjoyed listening to it
Keep up the good work
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