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Best WOT YouTube channels?
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Joined: 13th Aug 2014
Rank: Colonel
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19th Aug 2014

QuickyBabyTV  : Tankreviews, Tactics, and much more

TheRiisingSun  : Map Tactics, short fun videos

BohemianEagle : The entertaining, funny and somewhat filosofical approach to WOT and other games

What else?

Last Edit: 19th Aug 2014 by Hugin69
Joined: 14th Aug 2014
Rank: Major
Likes 21
19th Aug 2014

Jingles ?
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Joined: 13th Aug 2014
Rank: Colonel
Likes 24
19th Aug 2014

BohemianEagle = Jingles aka The Mighty Jingles

Joined: 13th Aug 2014
Rank: Colonel
Likes 24
3rd Oct 2014

Circonflexes YouTube channel


Also recommend his Twitch channel (When he streams WOT)

One of the best if you want to see good platton and teambattle imho.

Last Edit: 15th Nov 2014 by Hugin69
Joined: 13th Nov 2014
Rank: --
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15th Nov 2014

Captain Canada YouTube Channel  https://www.youtube.com/c ... jPUQe6jMVlGmNK0-1JkQ
Reviews, Gameplay, with a little different view on stuff. Sometimes abit lengthy but what is nice is that he does not only put up videos where he pwns everything to bits.

Pointy Haired Jedi YouTube Channel  https://www.youtube.com/c ... Sd_5-pTkHU19Khj-r21Q
One of Circons crew. The nice thing is he is is a heavy tank guy (he also does other tanks, but he likes heavies the most) just like me. And he does not take himself to seriouse.
Joined: 11th Nov 2014
Rank: --
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15th Nov 2014

I started playing WoT by watching Circonflexes' stream. Can't recommend it enough! Although there are other streams or videos better for new players from what I've noticed, this has a good mix of fun and info.

I won't post any links as I'm sure most of you know him.
Joined: 13th Aug 2014
Rank: Colonel
Likes 24
15th Nov 2014

The [DEPAC] Deutsches Panzer Ausbildungs Corps a vrey informative website for everything WOT.

A good educational YouTUbe serie which cover every little aspect of the game tohelp you improve your game.
http://www.youtube.com/playlis ... DRU9uafpB-1FX-YDOdyU

Forum » World Of Tanks » Everything WOT
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