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Old enough to remember Elite?
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Joined: 13th Aug 2014
Rank: Colonel
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17th Aug 2014

Well, I am.

I'm looking forward to Elite Dangerous which looks very promising. All and many more features like the old Elite game.
StatusBeta (Preorder)
Check for yourself.
Elite Dangerous

Joined: 14th Aug 2014
Rank: Major
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17th Aug 2014

Will it be possible to dock the starship without crashing it all the time ? I never found the Auto mode to dock in the good old times, when a Amiga was state of the art
Last Edit: 17th Aug 2014 by Helmutson
Joined: 13th Aug 2014
Rank: Colonel
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17th Aug 2014

Here a preview on how it will work..

Last Edit: 17th Aug 2014 by Hugin69
Joined: 8th Feb 2015
Rank: Private
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10th Feb 2015

How it used to work in C-64 version, was to

1.) line up your ship in somewhat correct fasion.
2.) wait for the station to rotate into almost right angle
3.) pedal to the metal !! ram your ship in max speed so you'll boom in before the station rotates too much

Which was a working solution, but I'd imagine would have caused
hair loss and severe alcoholism in station managers.

I'll be sure to try out both Elite Dangerous (when I have time) and Star Citizen (when it comes out and I have time)
Forum » Other Games » Games you are waiting for
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