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Armored Warfare
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21st Jun 2015

Hello guys,

been away for  while, main reason is my wife and i expect our second child any day now, and there was alot of prepwork to do. Also the usual excuse for slacking off: work, work. Well anyway, the very few hours of gaming i had in the last few weeks where i was not totally exhausted, waiting for my wife to have contractions or watching our first one with one eye, i spent testing out Armored Warfare. And i thought if i cannot bust your balls online on WoT , i can actually give the guys who do not have access to the game yet a short overlook of how the game looks like right now.

Right now we are in the second "early access" build. I would say this is somewhere between Alpha and Beta. If you would like to join this phase of the testing phase you can buy your way in. There are several  founder's packages available ranging from around 14 € up to  65€. These will grant you access to the closed testing phase and give you some stuff for when the game goes live.

What i like so far:
1. The developers listen to the community and, within reasonable limits, try to incorporate the wishes and suggestions into the game. This usually takes  two to three builds, but it happens.
2. As soon as there are a reasonable number of ppl online the matchmaking works really well, at least on the tier side of things. I had several battles with e.g. only tier 3 tanks.
3. Arty is actually fun to play and fun to play against. Arty vehicles are usually really nimble, have low alpha damage, relatively fast reload and fast aimingtime. The shell velocity is comparable to WoT. Also there a re two features implemented for arty that prevent arties from just sitting in one spot and shooting ppl from birds eye view all game long, and hitting ppl who just have been spotted without any chance to evade the shot. When an arty piece is aiming at you you get a warning symbol on your screen, in the fashion of "sixth sense" on wot, so you have time to try to avoid the enemy fire. Also, when you fire the gun of your arty piece all enemy players will see some kind of "tremor marker" (resembling the pressure wave that comes with firering a high caliber gun ) at your location, enabling enemy arty to aim counter fire at your position, if you do not move, and giving enemy flankers a general idea of where the arty pieces are placed on the map.
4. The progression system in general is awsome. Since Obsidian did not incorporate a techtree bases on nationality of vehicles like warthunder or World of Tanks, but a system of arms dealer trees, they are really free to bring in any tank in  the world into the game. Also they are not forced to implement weak or boring tanks just to fill up tier slots. This makes for a very enjoyable game experience, already starting at tier 1. No need to grind to tier 5 or 6 like in WoT till you get the first "real tank".
5. Most tank classes are flexible enough to fulfill at least 2 roles on the battlefield. Armored Fighting vehicles (AW's equivalent to light tanks) can be spotters or firesupport, or spotters and flankers, and so on......
6. The ammo system is a lot more diverse than in WoT. You have alot more different types of ammo that actually have diffrent purposes in the game. On some tanks it actually makes sense to carry 4 different types of ammo.
7. Many tanks have secondary weapon systems, like guided missle launchers, or additional systems that grant you the possibility to support your team, like smoke launchers and combat electronics. This allows for alot more options on the battlefield.
8. All vehicles in the game so far, and all that have been announced, have really exist or have existed, at least as prototypes with a reasonable number of tanks built. No blueprint tanks, no fairytale makebelieve madeup tanks.
9. Obsidian are really putting alot of effort into balancing the tanks out. They reacted quickly and with reasonable measures when tanks were found to be OP (and there were two tanks that were massively OP ).

What i do not like so far:
1. Obsidian is really taking their time on some bugfixes. There is a known bug, or group of bugs i should say, that has been known since the first alpha builds. Obsidian improved on the frequency on which they occur, but they have not really been fixed.
2. We need more maps, there are only 5 in the game so far. In the Alpha builds there were only 3.
3. The armor significance must be improved. In the alpha builds armor basically counted for nothing at all, everything penned. They improved uppon that in the last 2 early access builds, but they still have their ways to go on that front.
4. Progress is to slow for an alpha/beta phase. You cannot really test out mid to high tiers without investing major playtime, progress that is definatly gonna get wiped once the open beta phase will start.........waste of time in my mind.
5. The spotting system needs an overhaul. Sometimes you really do not understand what counts as concielment, why ppl get spotted where, why you did not spot that guy.........it is all a bit shaky atm.

Well this is it for now. Just my two cents on AW as it is right now.

Edit: Was the second build of Early access.
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Last Edit: 3rd Jul 2015 by Schrotti369
Joined: 13th Nov 2014
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24th Jun 2015

If you want to get into the beta/eraly access for AW and you do not want to spend any real money on this game yet, here might be your chance. AW announced today that they will send out more early access invitations within the next week or two. So if you signed up for the beta/eraly access  you have a real chance to get in soon.
Joined: 13th Nov 2014
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3rd Jul 2015


The third build of the Early Access is live. If you want you can now sign up for early access on the AW homepage again.  http://aw.my.com (You can change the language setting to your liking in the top right corner, if you prefer something different from english.)

So waht is new? In this build we finally get to check out the first few PvE CoOP Missions and they are great so far. 5 Players get a series of 3 Missions which are fought against the AI. You can choose between  4 difficulty settings: easy, medium, hard and insane. I have tried out easy and mendium so far. It seems like the first two missions in each series are the same, with the third one changing with difficulty setting. It is fun. Not the same xp and credits per time spent, but i can see myslef playing this to get the xp to upgrade newly aquired tanks before tanking them out for PvP battles.
Also new, they introduced a decal system, you can now change the optics of your tanks, but this feature is not fully integrated, there are only very few decals to choose from, and they look like placeholders. Also, you cannot apply camo to your tanks yet.
It also looks like they cranked up the graphics engine by a good nodge. The new max setting looks absolutely smashing.
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Last Edit: 3rd Jul 2015 by Schrotti369
Joined: 13th Nov 2014
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5th Jul 2015

After testing the current PvE mode some more i have to say it looks like i was a bit unlucky with the random Mission rolls at first. Some more playtime invested into PvE battles shows that each PvE Encounter consistes of e Mission randomly delcted from a pool of 10 to 12 single Missions. It is also nice to see rhat some missions take place on parts of already existing PvP maps, for other missions special PvE maps have been introduced.
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