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World of Warships (WOWS)
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Joined: 13th Aug 2014
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17th Mar 2015

Some lucky few of us have been granted the opportunity to be part of the closed beta test (CBT)... me too .

Here is what I think of WOWS.

-  Is it worth all the hype and positive feedback it gets?
Imho yes. It very much looks like Wargaming (WG) has a winner with WOWS. Still it is only Beta and some work is needed.  Tech trees are incomplete and it sure could use some more maps for variety.

- Is any class or vessel OP?
Here you can find lots aof discussions going on in several forums regarding destroyer nerf and being OP or torpedos being OP and others casing that aircraft carriers are the "arty" of WOWS and needs nerfing. Other demanding a buff of destroyers instead and so on and so on.... Imo the classes are fine and also the weapons (guns and torpedoes) are fine. Often its those, lets call them noob players who still haven't figured out WOWS game mechanics.

- Tactics that I found work best.
Coming from WOT you certainly can't use rush or camping tactics here. And solo runs in any ship results in certain death. You don't need to know anything about  naval warfare but here the term "fleet" might come handy --- stick together, move as a unit and keep moving.

- Things that might change imo
Ammunition cost will be added so unsure if ammunition will be limited or unlimited as it is now.
Reporting and team damage system will be added.
US battleships, Japanese Aircraft carriers will be added.
Techtree from  Germany, Britain, France or other  might also be added before release.

PS: To sign up, login  use your existing WOT (Wargaming) account  at 

more to come...

- Hugin69
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Last Edit: 17th Mar 2015 by Hugin69
Joined: 11th Mar 2015
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17th Mar 2015

so are there any rumours when will they actually release the game?as a final product..

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Joined: 13th Aug 2014
Rank: Colonel
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17th Mar 2015

No release date I heard of yet, not even a rumour.
Make sure to follow Jingles Youtube channel as he might be one of the first to know and to tell.

Joined: 13th Aug 2014
Rank: Colonel
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18th Mar 2015

How to play WOWS? Different classes explained and more.

As always there is a guy putting up nice videos on Youtube explaining everything you might need to know about WOWS.
iChaseGaming Youtube channel

Manual torp bombing

US cruiser

Battleships and how to counter torp drops

Ammo and aim guide (HE or AP?)

Last Edit: 18th Mar 2015 by Hugin69
Joined: 8th Feb 2015
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23rd Mar 2015

Hey guys,

They are currently accepting new applications for the WOWS beta.
Follow this link, apply and good luck!

http://worldofwarships.eu ... -invites-second-wave
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Last Edit: 23rd Mar 2015 by JohnWooTW
Joined: 13th Nov 2014
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27th Jun 2015

Closed beta is officially over, all account have been wiped and afaik closed beta testers can now play open beta with a head start Open beta for non closed beta players should start within a week or so. Looking forward to it, what i saw on youtube and twitch look very promising. Gonna check out american cruisers first i think.
Joined: 13th Aug 2014
Rank: Colonel
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22nd Jul 2015

Nice Mod pack for WOWS
Aslain WOWS mod

Don't forget to enable replays option.

Joined: 13th Aug 2014
Rank: Colonel
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24th Jul 2015


Well at least to WOWS. But don't get over excited yet. Next patch will only make them available for some supertesters.
But nevertheless.... Ahoi!!

Read more here about upcoming patch.

Joined: 14th Aug 2014
Rank: Major
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2nd Aug 2015

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