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The God of RNG
COL Hugin69 21st Sep 2014
You may believe or you may not believe.

A random number generator (RNG) is a computational or physical device designed to generate a sequence of numbers or symbols that lack any pattern, i.e. appear random.
- Wikipedia

One way or another you will meet RNG in WOT, if lucky you are on the winning side normally though when noticing the effect of RNG you are on the losing side and blaming it for that.

Here some simple explanation to help you understand RNG in World Of Tanks.

RNG affects
  • - Team selection.Simply put you have a 50/50 chance in ending up with "good" players or "bad".
  • - chance to hit a target. This is represented by the so called "bell curve"
  • - Armor penetration. Seems to calculated on "straight line" by taking a RNG into calculation, meaning equal chance to have any value from minimum , average or maximum penetration.
  • - Damage. This also seems to be calculated on "straight line" by taking a RNG into calculation, meaning equal chance to have any value from minimum , average or maximum damage.

RNG does NOT affect
  • - Knowledge of your tank, the game and the general game physics. Those are the biggest factors on determine how good you are. After clicking the mouse button to shoot RNG will kick in.
  • You can of course influence RNG when waiting to have fully aimed in, by aiming at weak spots and by taking angle of the enemy tank into account before firing.
  • - if you drive off all guns blazing and get yourself outnumbered and outgunned you can't blame RNG for being killed.

Than there is the "God" of RNG which we all meet and which isn't easy to explain.

  • You might notice your tank is not performing like it used to.
  • You might think you have lag issues.
  • Your shots wont hit or pen although fully aimed in on weakspots.
  • The rest of your team seems to have equal problems.
  • Your team dies like flies and the enemy team doesn't seem to be able to do wrong.
  • You get the feeling the the "God of RNG" entered the match and decided whatever you do, you are destined to lose this match.

So do you believe in the God of RNG?
PV2 Cramm 4th Mar 2016
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